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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

I've been having a play

I have decided I 'need' pan pastels, I have bought a couple of good quality artist pastels to have a play with and have decided I really do need pan pastels. 

My birthday is coming up so hopefully I'll be able to have a few for that but I just can't decide which colours to have.  I've heard recommendations from people that black and white are both good colours to get because their so useful but i am so torn because they just dont appeal to me :(

This is a card I have made using indigoblu stamps and my artist pastels (all 2 of them) which I applied  using cut and dry foam.

If anyone has got any advice on which pan pastels I need first and also any advice on whether I should buy the applicators or use that money for more colours I'd be glad to hear from anyone.

I am entering this into the pan pastels panpastels challenge , it is challenge number 3 and has a theme of nature (fingers crossed I get lucky and get to start my collection off), wish me luck :)


  1. Hi Diffy,

    Here is a little advice for you there are 80 colours in the range. 20 of those colours are the pure colours if you get a Black and White and all the 20 pure colours (eventually lol)you can make all the other dark and light shades in the full range by blending either your White or Black.You really do need the sponges and tools, go for the ones you think you will use the most.They are a very dense material and when you swipe over the pan the pastel sits on the surface.If you use any other product you won't get such a smooth blend and will also waste pastel as anything other than a soft tool/sponge creates dust.I have a workshop and demo afternoon this Saturday at Daisy's Jewels and Crafts in Coventry the workshop is full but feel free to pop over to the demo in the afternoon they are a really friendly bunch.If you have any questions I will answer them.I live in Solihull by the way.

    Thanks for joining us this week with your pretty card.

    Kerry DT Leader PanPastel Uk.

  2. A really beautiful card, I love the scene that you have created and the colour is so pretty. I would pretty much echo Kerry's advise, the pans are so easy to mix so if you get black and white and then choose the colours you think you are most likely to use you can mix all of the tints and shades of those colours by mixing them with black and white and also mix combinations of the colours you have. The sofft tools are great because they grab the colour very well and remember when mixing that a little goes a long way with PanPastels. Thank you for joining in with the PanPastel challenge
    Lindsay xx

  3. Beautiful card. cant wait to see what you make with pan pastels. The lilac shades on your card is gorgeous. my personal fav is magenta in the pastels

  4. Thank you for your comments and advice, I'm going to be ordering my panpastels this weekend :) x